Enterprise Project and Performance Management

EPM helps organizations and agencies to have their strategy drive their projects and programs in a meaningful and measurable way. It drives a “performance-aware” culture best suited for a changing dynamic business environment where the enterprise needs to be agile and ready to adapt and thrive. It provides insights into the business operations to visualize results, and monitor and analyze program/project effectiveness.  Some of the key capabilities we bring are:

  • Balanced Scorecards                         
  • Information Integration             
  • Quantitative Measurement
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Compliance Management
  • Predictive Analysis

Our Quality Center of Excellence (QCE) leverages a
continuous monitoring solution that captures performance measurements in areas that are critical for a program/project. By tracking performance measurements in areas such as budget, actual costs, schedule dependencies, resource utilization, and durations, we help our customer proactively perform risk analysis and leverage Monte Carlo simulations to improve the likelihood of the projects finishing on time and within budget.

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